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About Meridian Energy Analysis

The survey of the functional state of internal organs and body systems

The fact that a pulse can show how are a liver, a colon, and other organs, was well known already for doctors of antiquity. Using of modern tools allows to do it with even greater precision.  
A new advanced technology, "meridian energy analysis device" is making a valuable contribution to the diagnosis of qi-blood dysfunction.
It can be assessed from short-term and long-term meridian bioenergy recordings. It is one of the few methods that allow outpatient traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, monitoring the progress, therapeutic effect, and evaluation of patient prognosis. The holistic approaches underlying the practice of traditional Chinese medicine and new trends in modern medicine toward the use of objective instruments require in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of meridian energy, and the meridian energy analysis device can feasibly be used for understanding and interpreting traditional Chinese medicine theory, especially in view of its expansion in western countries.

In traditional oriental diagnosis

A pulse wave is investigated in 6 points on wrists – three on the left, and three on the right. A pulse wave varies depending on how this or that organ and system works. In a palpation these changes are differently felt in these 6 points. There are a superficial and deep pulse. Experienced practitioner evaluates many characteristics of a pulse wave. 

In digital pulse diagnosis

The object of a study is a change in a heart rhythm. The duration of each cycle of the heart is different from the previous one. The device estimates it to within one millisecond. Sequential change of cardiac cycles durations forms a complex rhythm that is analysed by the computer program. As in any profession, an experience comes with age of working. But the friendly interface of the program, equipped with numerous pop-up prompts, allows novice to master basic techniques in an hour. After that he is already able to carry out a diagnosis by himself and to assess the most important life indicators and a functional state of internal organs and body systems.

How does it work?

This device operates as follows:

  1. The heart generates electromagnetic impulses.  In this way each heartbeat begins with an electromagnetic impulse, and in this way the control of the heart functioning is accomplished.

  2. The electrical signals from the heart passes through the entire body and is detected at the wrists. This signal goes through the electrodes to the device. There, the signal is amplified and then transmitted to the externally connected computer which is processed by the digital pulse program.